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Second plenary debate for Sin Tax Reform

Posted on: June 4, 2012

  1. likhanews5
    Atty Arnie Carino told @interaksyon Philip Morris says they are asking for tax rate on a par with that of alcohol. #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 05:59:54
  2. likhanews5
    Atty Carino told @interaksyon think the rate imposed on tobacco is too much vs alcohol has virtual tax holiday #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:03:38
  3. likhanews5
    Atty Carino told @interaksyon that alcohol products’ tax rate even went down from 20% to 18% with HB 5727 as amended #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:09:26
  4. likhanews5
    Isidro T. Ungab 3rd district, Davao City HB 5727 sponsor; Magtanggol T. Guinigundo 2nd district, Valenzuela City #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:26:01
  5. likhanews5
    Guinigundo asks questions on the alcohol aspect of the bill, the WTO-EU decision that PH must comply with #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:32:30
  6. likhanews5
    Ungab: WTO protested the discriminatory excise taxes; classification is based on raw materials #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:35:10
  7. likhanews5
    Ungab: Local alcohol is distilled using local materials, thus, lower excise taxes, this violates GATT #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:36:05
  8. likhanews5
    Ungab: Article 3 of GATT, requires products to be treated the same as imported products @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:37:34
  9. likhanews5
    Guinigundo: does the WTO prescribe a unitary tax rate? Ungab: No #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:43:24
  10. likhanews5
    Guinigundo: Aarticle 13 of GATT provided some leeway in protecting the 3rd countries’ industries @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:44:32
  11. likhanews5
    Ungab: Article 13 of GATT was not invoked by PH @interaksyon #interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:45:25
  12. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: The reason why PH govt did not invoke? Is it the March 2013 deadline WTO’s decision? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:51:14
  13. likhanews5
    Ungab: It is a mutual agreement among the parties involved. Other countries were given 15 months to comply #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:54:03
  14. likhanews5
    G: WTO decision rendered decision saying recomended tax structure that the PH should follow? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:54:28
  15. likhanews5
    Ungab: There is no specific WTO recommendation as to the tax structure #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:56:45
  16. likhanews5
    G: What was the reason stated by WTO why PH makes raw materials as basis for taxing alcoholic products #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:57:44
  17. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: WTO contends ingredients do not really matter as long as alcohol is produced #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:58:24
  18. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: What is the basis for determining the price level in the tiers? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:59:29
  19. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Is there a DoF study determining the price threshold? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:59:52
  20. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: I would like to believe the BIR made a price survey. When was the last price survey that BIR made? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:00:33
  21. likhanews5
    Ungab: 2010 was the last BIR price survey @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:01:13
  22. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Do you think that you need to have a more recent survey to have more convincing powers? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:02:55
  23. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Is it safe to say there is no recent survey as basis? We do not want to be shooting darts. @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:03:21
  24. likhanews5
    Ungab: the P90-bracket was based on the consultations with stakeholders #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:05:44
  25. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Who are these stakeholders? Ungab: Industry players #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:08:59
  26. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Can you name these the stakeholders that DoF consulted? Ungab: The Distillers Assoc. of the Phils. #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:09:43
  27. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Baka naman may pinapaboran tayong kumpanya ng alcohol sa P90 na yan. @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:03:50
  28. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Did they come up with these price levels? Consultations couldnt be substituted with BIR price surveys #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:10:53
  29. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: HB 5727 adjusts rates every 2 years for inflation. What about the tiers? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:13:35
  30. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Why don’t we include the tiers? In a matter of years there would be no bracket because of inflation. #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:14:11
  31. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: We would end up with a situation that all products would be moving up the next bracket #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:14:40
  32. likhanews5
    Ungab: assumption is based on the inflation of 4% yearly; We are not amenable to price classification freeze @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:15:40
  33. likhanews5
    Ungab: If we do, in the long run would have the same effect as what happened for so many years #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:18:40
  34. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: If we hike tax on alcohol because of health reasons, then we must tax hamburgers, lechon, chicharon #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:20:26
  35. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: why is DoF allergic to indexation of alcohol products? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:22:02
  36. likhanews5
    Ungab: Alcohol and tobacco are harmful to health; some vehicular accidents are caused by drunk-driving #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:57:56
  37. likhanews5
    Ungab: Alcohol and tobacco cannot be compared with food (i.e. chicharon, lechon) @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:58:36
  38. likhanews5
    Ungab: that’s why it’s called sin taxes, we need to regulate, curb the habit of drinking and smoking #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:59:13
  39. likhanews5
    Ungab: that’s why we have to make it less affordable to the young and the poor #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:59:40
  40. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Kumain ka ng chicharon araw-araw di ba mamatay ka rin ng maaga? *Session hall bursts into applause* #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:00:57
  41. likhanews5
    Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco workers & farmers in white in the gallery #sintaxreform @interaksyon http://lockerz.com/s/214391421
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:04:06
  42. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Why are we imposing tax on raw materials? Why do we have different bases in imposing excise tax? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:06:25
  43. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Aren’t excise tax imposed based on finished products? why are we taxing based on raw materials? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:07:15
  44. likhanews5
    Ungab: Ethyl alcohol is already a finished product, distilled into brandy #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:08:39
  45. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: why are discriminating against small breweries and SMEs? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:09:18
  46. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Maybe we are arbitrarily taxing small, micro-breweries; your tax rate is very high #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:09:47
  47. likhanews5
    RT @meralco: Scheduled Power Interruption affecting portions of Sta. Cruz, Manila & Quezon CityA 30-minute … http://m.tmi.me/r6ikS

    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:49:01
  48. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: When you are a small distiller/brewery, the 18%-20% tax is very high @sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:10:27
  49. likhanews5
    Ungab: the microbreweries are in pubs that are patronized by connoiseurs, catering to the rich people #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:11:55
  50. likhanews5
    Ungab: based on present system under the 1997 rates, these microbreweries are charged the highest tax rates #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:12:43
  51. likhanews5
    Gunigundo wraps up questioning. Session for HB 5727 or #sintaxreform suspended. @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:13:42

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