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NOTES FROM GROUND ZERO | InterAksyon meets Alagang Kapatid in Marabut

Posted on: December 3, 2013

God really works in mysterious ways.

While we were on the road to Marabut town center–or what was left of it–we met the Alagang Kapatid Foundation caravan by chance along the national highway. We were taking photos on the road when I saw a TV5 crew cab slowly driving by and immediately flagged it down. I introduced myself as a reporter from InterAksyon.com and asked the passengers of the red pick-up truck if they were from News5 or Radyo5. It turns out they were the Alagang Kapatid unit based in Palo, Leyte and were about to distribute relief packs in some communities in Marabut. We were invited to tag along.


Alagang Kapatid turns over genset, distributes relief packs in Marabut in Samar

Likha Cuevas-Miel, InterAksyon.com

MARABUT, Samar – The Alagang Kapatid Foundation has turned over a generator set to the local government of Marabut, Samar and has distributed relief packs to the victims of Typhoon ‘Yolanda’.

Paul Segui of Alagang Kapatid told InterAksyon.com that the genset, which is now being used by the municipal town hall of Marabut, was donated by the National Press Club.

The Foundation has also allocated 1,100 units of relief goods for several coastal communities in Marabut, which is the last municipality before reaching Eastern Samar.


Senior citizens and pregnant women received mats and blankets in addition to emergency relief packs that also contained hygiene kits that include sachets of shampoo.

Segui said they are assisted by Alagang Kapatid volunteers from Palo, Leyte who are victims of ‘Yolanda’ themselves.

“They survived 15 to 20-foot waves that destroyed their town. They also lost loved ones. But here they are helping fellow victims,” Sequi said.

Alagang Kapatid has been stationed in Guiuan, Samar and Palo, Leyte even before ‘Yolanda’ hit Region 8 and continues to give emergency aid to those affected, he added.


Paul Segui said they responded to the call for aid when they read our stories about Marabut. I told Paul I was the one who wrote the stories about Basey and Marabut because no one was paying attention to this side of Region 8.

“So here I am, we finally get to meet!” I told Paul.

God bless to Alagang Kapatid and may they never tire of helping those who are in need.


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