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Posted on: February 6, 2014

Since Bayan now will be folded under Globe, there is now a possibility that it would impose that much-dreaded data capping.

I need my data. I am an online journalist after all. I have my Facebook and Twitter accounts open at all times because my job requires me to. I have to access YouTube videos and be able to upload or download large amounts of data because I also post in our CMS and do all sorts of things when uploading a story. I stream videos and audios, especially oral arguments at the Supreme Court. And I download—all sorts of things.

And here I am contemplating whether or not I would bump up my speeds and be tied to another 24-month lock-in period. Or I can pay P5,000 to be able to be free of that lock-in contract.

To quote this IT professional-blogger:

The employee then calls Globe Telecoms, and encounters a straight run of awkward, plain disinformation:

He is told that this data cap is mandated by the NTC.  Telcos asked NTC to include this in administrative memoranda back in 2011, and had NTC not rejected the proposal, this would have given Globe Telecoms and PLDT-Smart the means to impose caps. This would help them to expand their customer base, by enabling them to take on more customers at a reduced level of service.  It makes absolutely no sense that the National Telecommunications Commission would impose a restriction on commerce this way, and not have consumers fight back.   (A word of advice to you at Globe Telecoms:  Fire whoever they were who devised the call center agents’ script, effectively making these workers lie for you.)

So what to do, what to do?


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