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Posted on: October 1, 2014

Went overseas because of some assignment and because i had to deal with some administrative stuff for work. I just experienced how it is to be an OFW and i say it was one hell of an experience. My only consolation was that I knew I would be going home by the end of the week whereas real OFWs had to deal with months or years of loneliness.

While I was away, I missed my twins’ first public performance in school where they sang danced. I wasn’t able to take photos.

I learned about my kids’ late night/early morning cries as they searched for mommy in bed. It broke my heart but I was so far away and all I could do was pray.

My routine was to walk to work (my hotel was just near my place of work), do the usual stuff a reporter is supposed to do, go home at 8:30 pm, have dinner, and plop on my hotel bed at 10 pm. Repeat. Everyday. Thank God for Viber, I could communicate with my family whenever I was within a wifi hotspot. My phone was on roaming mode but of course calls are expensive.

I couldn’t wait to get back to Manila.

Imagine, it was just only for a week. What if I was faced with months and months of loneliness but financial circumstances didn’t give me any choice?

Salute to the OFWs. I just wish you didn’t have to be there wherever you are. I wish jobs are plentiful here back home.


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