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Spinbusters used to be amusing. Vicious but entertaining. Entries give you something akin to schadenfreude, especially to media insiders. It had the ability to cut down holier-than-thou news teams or people to size.

However, they have begun to go downhill when (it seems like) blog management changed (thus the change of blog url). They have become too mean. Really mean. No longer funny.

And this validates my observations

How to be a real journalist, according to experts at Spinbusters

The Spinbusters, a website run by professional journalists who have received awards in spelling and grammar, recently posted a blog entry entitled Human of the Year: The Newbie Journo. [See: Spinbusters]

The blog entry criticized younger media practitioners by saying that they were not the experts they proclaimed themselves to be, a status conferred only on “working journalists,” referring obviously to their delusional selves and their other multiple personalities.

Without intending to, the blog entry came up with several rules regarding the practice of journalism in the Philippines, which, unfortunately, didn’t cover the use of rock, a useful tool in journalism.

Here are five tips on becoming the next big thing in Philippine journalism, according to the Spinbusters.

See the rest of Boojie Basilio’s blog entry here


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