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Had been in Singapore for 8 days now. Flying back to Manila tonight. I didn’t plan on blogging too soon but the horrible chicken rice somewhere in ION Food Centre (or whatever it’s called) has prompted me to say something about it.

I had been spoiled by good food for a week now, mainly courtesy of hawkers centres or those hole-in-the-wall restaurants near the business district where no white guys dare go. A co-worker brought us to Maxwell Hawkers Centre one day for white chicken rice since I had been hankering for it for days. SGD25 for 5 of us was not bad at all.

Then came the white chicken rice at the mall that I just had earlier today for SGD7++…It had my blood boiling. What a rip off! Tasted like—nothing! It was just like chicken boiled in water and I had to drown it with that gooey dark sauce, some chili oil and lots of garlic paste just to make it palatable. For the life of me I can no longer remember the name of the vendor but I’m sure I will not be coming back. I was just too hungry at that time to go searching for something nice to eat so I had to settle for mall food. Should’ve known better. *sigh*


Here is my workstation nowadays. I’m half-home telecommuter, half-digital nomad. I work solo about 90% of the time and the rare moments that I get to share a table with fellow journalists is when i get to go to one of the government banks in Makati that miraculously still maintains a press office. Most of the time I interact only with avatars and my main means of communicating with the outside world, aside from mobile phone texting is through Skype and Facebook Messenger. If I need some kind of human interaction, I go to a coffee/milktea shop.

Welcome to the world of the international correspondent.

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