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UNTITLED YET – Chapter 2 (A fiction)

Posted on: December 28, 2015

Chapter 2

It was my “vacant” period, which was supposed to be devoted to studying in the library but of course we found ways how we can do anything but that.

I decided to buy myself something to relieve hunger pangs from the cafeteria before heading to the library. The only other people there were Ryan, the older brother of my new-found friend Reese, and Lewis, the older brother of my not-so-ex-friend, Tracy. Both guys were seniors.

It was Ryan who greeted me, rather airily.

I was about to pay for my brownie and apple juice when I heard Ryan shouting to Lewis to quickly get out as he was about to padlock the doors from the inside.

I hastily paid for my food and ran out of the cafeteria in a flash. I didn’t know why I did .

“See? I told you to move quickly. She got out,” Ryan told Lewis and stopped fiddling with the padlock that was hanging on the cafeteria’s double swinging doors but I did it anyway.

What I figured out was Ryan was trying to lock us both inside the cafeteria.

I looked back at the two seniors. “What is wrong with you?” I asked incredulously.

Ryan just flashed me his wicked smile.

This guy, aside from being my friend’s brother, is somewhat more of an acquaintance. We get to talk on the phone when he happens to answer it whenever I call up Reese. Instead of handing over the receiver immediately, Ryan would chat me up until Reese wrests the receiver from him.

In one of those chats, Ryan complained that I was too aloof and ignore him whenever we see each other in school.

I, on the other hand, shot back that he was such a tease that I don’t really know how react to his greetings in school, which was a cross between a joke and a public announcement. I decided to just ignore those and keep my eyes straight to where I was going.

In one instance, again in the cafeteria, I overhead Ryan’s friends calling out to him and said his crush was there. He happened to be just behind me in the line for the cashier.

“Oh, Andy’s not my crush–,” Ryan said.

I ignored him and what he was saying.

“–the Ice Maiden is just the love of my life.”

I nearly dropped my sandwich in my soup.

You see I’ve been an object of ridicule since sophomore. I’m not oblivious to the fact that I’ve been called the Ice Maiden but I could not get why so I just left it at that.

Last year, when things were still ok with me and Lainey and the gang, a senior was pestering me and later called me an Ice Maiden. The guy, Orville, was a friend of the guy Lainey was dating that time.

I was ignoring his attempts to get my attention and his lame passes at me because guys like him make fun of girls like me who are inept at the whole flirting-dating-sex game.

There was one time I was watching a concert of our resident rock band, Witch Hazel, when Orville’s friend practically pulled the shirt off my classmate Mark’s back and said he should get off the seat next to me because somebody’s bound to get mad.

Later Orville took the seat next to me. I left in a huff.

Orville and his friends often called out to me whenever I pass by the school’s front lobby. Sometimes I acknowledge him with a lift of my eyebrow but oftentimes I just ignore them, especially if the calls were turning obnoxious.

He attempted to walk me home but I said there was no need because I was not sick and I can carry my books. I left him standing on the sidewalk, his mouth hanging wide open.

The final straw was during a school play that I wasn’t part of. This was the time Lainey and I already had a falling out. I was watching by my lonesome when suddenly the seats beside me were seized by Orville and his friend, JP.

I tried my best to ignore them. He was attempting to make a conversation with me by asking why I wasn’t in the play and I snapped back at him by saying I dropped out because rehearsals were eating too much of my time.

I thought he already gave up. I suddenly felt funny and when I turned to my left I caught Orville blowing air into my ear and neck. I was flabbergasted and walked out on them and the entire play.

The next day the seniors were calling me the Ice Maiden.

The name-calling was bordering on bullying but I kept on plodding on. The misery hanging over my sophomore year shouldn’t be carried over to my junior year, which was supposed to be amazing.

But so far, no amazing thing has happened yet.

And then there’s this Ice Maiden thing. To be branded as an Ice Maiden during your formative years—supposedly the best years to go out on dates and flirt like crazy—was anything but amazing. It kills your chances at romance and social life, which were supposedly the most important things for a 16-year-old on this side of the world. Nevermind that other 16-year-olds in other parts of the planet are scavenging for food or already dodging bullets, barely keeping themselves alive.

Nope, amazing things happen to svelte, beautiful girls like Kirstin Lopez, the epitome of how a girl is supposed to be. The poster girl for All The Things A 16-Year-Old Should Aspire For.

Then there’s just me. No amazing thing happening.

I promise you that.


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