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Love the profession, not the company

Posted on: January 22, 2016

I have a friend who is so pissed with the raise the company gave him this year. He said: after all the suffering, this is all I get?!

I didn’t have any soothing words to offer him that time because I know exactly how he feels. I’ve also been in his position, giving so much more of myself to a company that didn’t appreciate me at all. It failed me a couple of times and my bosses were too blind to see it. Then they got pissed off with me for leaving.

So I told my friend, “You know, somebody told me that we could love our professions but not the company because it will never love us back. We’re just workers, a means for it to generate profits. So just do what is expected of you but there’s no point in giving too much of ourselves to something that wouldn’t give as much as we do.” And no one is indispensable.

Learned the lesson the hard way.

And oh, I told him, “I’ve also set my expectations much lower than yours.”

Hahahaha. Bitterness sometimes can get you somewhere.


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