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British National Museum at the National Museum of Singapore Part II

Posted on: July 6, 2016

My sister and I didn’t finish the guided tour of the British Museum exhibit because we thought we were already running out of time and we still had to get to the Singapore exhibit and get our money’s worth.

Sadly, it wasn’t worth it. Just had a photo op just for the sake of it.


So we went back to the British Museum exhibit and lingered. Check out these artifacts from Central and South American civilizations.

This one, i believe is Aztech. Celebrates the corn. Yes, the corn. Staple food.


The guy on the right is a rain god (I think still Aztech). He carries on his back a container for water and that long thing protruding from his back is the spout. When called upon, the rain god waters the earth from that pack.



Mayan pictograms


African civilization



This creepy guy is some kind of a god. People with disputes stick nails into his body and apparently this guy tells who is the liar between the warring parties. It allegedly sends out vibes through the arbiter.


This shield-like thing is installed at the front door of a house. I didn’t get to hear the story. too bad.


And I went back for more ancient Egypt. This one I think is a cat and cats are worshipped in ancient Egypt. It’s a tiny thing so I had to stoop and do a close up but it’s too dark to make out the rest of this artifact.


And this guy is not some royalty. A middle class Egyptian who had his likeness engraved on stone (can’t remember if it was on a tomb). The guide said physically this pose is impossible to do but Egyptians believe that it’s better to strike a pose that is flattering, to display your asset. In this case, the guy’s asset is his profile, i.e. the nose. so his face is facing right but his torso is facing the front. Then his knees are again facing the right.


to be continued


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