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British National Museum at the National Museum of Singapore

Posted on: July 6, 2016

I’ve been visiting Singapore every now and then (at least twice a year) and I haven’t been to any of its museums or galleries. I always told myself I will check them out once I get back but somehow I never found the time. You see, I always visit a museum of the country I’m visiting but for some reason I always skipped Singapore’s.

So last weekend, my sister and I went to the National Museum of Singapore. And to our surprise, some of the British Museum‘s treasures were on loan that time. Yowza! Two exhibits in one place. To see the British Museum’s Treasures of the World, you have to pay SGD 20 and another SGD 20 for Singapore’s own exhibit. I wasn’t that hot about the Singapore part since I thought I can read about its history in books and its history isn’t that long and winding as that of let’s say the Philippines. But my sister wanted to go so I went along so I won’t be called a killjoy. They have a promo that if you pay using your HSBC credit card, you’ll only pay SGD 10 for each. *clap clap*

This is the best part of the exhibit. The mummy. Although it’s not a mummy of some royalty like King Tut, it’s still a mummy. This teenage boy was already mummified during the Roman occupation of Egypt, hence, the “life-like” art/mask on the mummy.


Even if they already adopted the art style of their conquerors, the Egyptians still maintained their traditional art. The teenage boy’s mummy cover was made according to tradition.


The jars used for storing internal organs


This is Sekhmet, the Egyptian war goddess.


Ancient tablet writings found in…oh gosh I forgot where. Somewhere in greater Mesopotamia.

Assyrian, if I remember it right.


And another one, from the same region.


From present-day Afghanistan. Sadly, the Taliban and now the ISIS may have destroyed the bigger versions of this.


I don’t remember exactly where these came from because I get mixed up. This one, if I remember it right, came from Syria.



to be continued


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