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Back to Old Street and A Mei Teahouse

Posted on: January 30, 2017

After torturing myself with stairs in Jinguashi, I was back again to more stairs at Jiufen’s Old Street. But at least there were lots of food choices, most of which are similar to ones found back home in Manila, particularly Binondo (Chinatown).


And I ate this panutsa-tasting roll. Basically it was like ground peanuts and ice cream wrapped in crepe. It was delicious.


And I’ve been sending photo messages on Facebook Messenger to a friend about what I was eating and he said he also tried some of the stuff I had (and he told me to document my travel to Jiufen so he could pay homage to the Spirited Away inspiration when he comes back to Taiwan. So friend, here is my documentation!). Yes, he also had this panutsa-like roll.

And of course, there has to be kiyamoy and squid/fishballs swimming in oil.

Hibe (we call the minuscule shrimps hibe in Tagalog) and other dried sea creatures. Oh, chicken. I wanted to try the chicken but wasn’t sure how big the serving was so I may end up with too much food. Besides, it was not yet dinner time.

This mushroom stand…I laughed out loud when I saw the shape and size of those things. Suddenly, my hilarious lunch with my colleagues (and ex-colleagues) in Singapore flashed through my mind…


I went back to A Mei Teahouse, which was getting full at that time. Had tea (and all the cute biscuits and whatnot) for TWD 300 (PHP 481)…


…so I can have the luxury of being here…


…and watch the sun go down behind the mountains…


…until it was time for dinner.


It was a simple but beautiful experience. A chance for me to get away from the chaos and stress of all the upsetting things happening back home in Manila (*hint: new president who I shall not name*).

I was having a WTF moment when I ordered and relished my pork dish in one of the small restaurants along Old Street.


Because I went all the way to Jiufen, Taiwan to eat pork asado (TWD 160) that is ubiquitous in Manila. Hahahaha! Yup, it was a WTF moment.

And I went back to A Mei to have that shot of that teahouse. But damn, there were just too many people. Speaking in Japanese. Hahaha! So it seems like it was not only me who was doing a Spirited Away pilgrimage tour.

Before going back to the inn, I took a one last look at Jiufen at night.


I took a long shower to wipe away my exhaustion. To my horror, there was no full-siszed towel to dry myself. So note to travelers: bring your own towels because the one in my room was tiny, which was the size of a hand towel. I wonder how I dried myself. But I managed.  I slept uncomfortably that night because my back problem was killing me again after all that walking. I took my pain reliever (Pregabalin, anyone) which knocks me out dead.

That’s why I woke up late. I left the inn at 10 am. Booked the taxi to take me to Ruifang for TWD 250 (or TWD 200, I can’t remember anymore).

And I was back in Taipei at noon. I will be back, Jiufen, with my sister the next time.


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