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Taipei Confucius Temple

Posted on: March 13, 2017

On my last day in Taiwan, I checked out that morning from Chaiin Hotel and deposited my luggage in one of the metered storage/boxes at the Taipei Main Station. It was TWD 100 for I don’t remember how many hours. It was a better option than rushing back to Chaiin Hotel, which was a long walk from the Main Station, then walk back again dragging my luggage to ride the airport bus.

After depositing my luggage, I went back to our Taipei office to take photos and say goodbye to colleagues. Then I had lunch with a colleague a few stops away from the train station nearest our office. I had a few more hours to kill before I travel back to Taoyuan Airport.

I went to the Taipei Confucius Temple instead of the more popular Longshan Temple because I always avoid the touristy areas. I am suplada like that. But you know, the older I get, the more I dislike crowds.

Yes this is a selfie fail

I spent an hour or two in this place, away from crowds. It was peaceful but annoyingly hot at the same time.


A perfect way to end my birthday trip.

‘Til then, Ilha Formosa.


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