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Published in InterAksyon.comAugust 7, 2014 · 3:20 pm

MANILA – “The strong shall live, the weak shall die.”

That might as well be the line that defines this second installment of the “Rurouni Kenshin” franchise, which is based on the manga and anime “Rurouni Kenshin” (shown as “Samurai X” here in the Philippines more than a decade ago).

This was also the guiding principle of Kenshin Himura’s (Takeru Satoh) arch nemesis, Shishio Makoto (Tatsuya Fujiwara), who was the rogue hitokiri that the Royalists/Imperialists engaged after the former laid down his sword 10 years before. Kenshin was the assassin that the Royalists used in broad daylight while Shishio, his kohai, was the hitokiri in the shadows.

Fujiwara plays Shishio with relish–he even has Shishio’s raspy, menacing voice that the character had in the anime series. I could barely recognize Fujiwara (who played Light Yagami in the live-action Death Note movie) behind the bandage, red-rimmed eyes and peeling skin.

The movie opens with Saito Hajime–the chief of police of the Meiji government and formerly the head of the Shinsengumi (the military police protecting the Shogunate)–facing Shishio, who in turn has the Meiji policemen hanged and later dropped into the roaring fires below. Saito (played by Yosuke Eguchi) is still as stoic as ever, barely showing any emotion as his men fall to their fiery end.

This sets the tone that this movie no longer tries to be cute and the body count will surely mount.

In the midst of this inferno, Shishio tells Saito of his grand plan to wrest control of the country from the government and lead Japan in becoming a stronger nation at the expense of all what he considered as weaklings. Obviously he’s a fan of social Darwinism.

Those who have not watched the anime, read the manga or seen the first installment would have a difficult time following the next scene that shows life for Kenshin and his friends at the Kamiya Dojo. The movie dispenses with introductions and references to the first movie to save time (since the “Shishio/Kyoto Arc” is about 30 episodes in the anime).

The Meiji government has asked for Kenshin’s help to neutralize and even kill Shishio, who is now a growing threat to the hard-won peace that the Emperor’s men have managed to put in place. As Home Minister Toshimichi Okubo says, Shishio’s skills as a samurai are equal to that of Kenshin’s.

But then why would Kenshin help the government clean up its mess? It was the government who created the monster that is Shishio, Sanosuke points out during Kenshin’s meeting with government officials.

The movie does not make the government’s failed attempt to kill off Shishio pretty. Instead of just shooting him in the head (which should have explained the metal plate around his head), the Ishin Shishi (government’s group of assassins) stab him repeatedly with their swords at close quarters and douse him with gasoline together with the other corpses that Shishio killed in the name of the Emperor. The only fly in the ointment is Shishio manages to live–thanks to the snow that falls right after the grisly crime.

Shishio, however, is thankful for what the government did to him for this taught him resilience and made him stronger. His ultimate aim is grander than just merely exacting revenge on the government. Getting rid of it is just a means to achieve his goal, he tells Kenshin during their first encounter in a village that Shishio burned to the ground.

To help him realize his dream of taking over Japan, Shishio gathers his Jupongatana (Ten Swords) to fight off Kenshin and kill all those who oppose him.

As a fan of Rurouni Kenshin, I can’t help but notice the movie’s glaring departure from the anime and manga (sorry to non-Samurai X fans):

1. Aoshi Shinomori should have been part of the first movie, as an employee-assassin-bodyguard of the opium pusher Kanryu, and the last members of the Oniwabanshu are supposed to be there with him. Megumi and Aoshi should know each other since they have been employees of Kanryu but in the second installment of Rurouni Kenshin movie, the two are complete strangers to each other.

2. In the anime and manga, Aoshi’s men are supposed to be annihilated by Kanryu’s Gatling gun (in the first movie). He pins the blame on Kenshin. In the movie, however, Aoshi goes looking for Kenshin to avenge his men’s death, who are supposed to be protectors of the Edo castle before the Restoration period. Aoshi’s men were tricked and killed of by the Meiji government after the Royalists took over. Guilty by association, Kenshin is hunted by Aoshi.

3. Cho’s long flexible, whip-like swords (similar to the urumi from India) were replaced by ordinary long swords. It would probably would have been difficult to train with and film fight scenes with this kind of weapon without resorting to CGI.

*Spoiler alert!*

4. Kenshin was supposed to have gone to his sensei, Hiko Seijuro, after his fight with Cho (member of Jupongatana), to complete his training and learn the essence of the Hitten Mitsurugi Ryu (his style of swordfighting). In the movie “Kyoto Inferno”, an unconscious Kenshin is found on the beach by Hiko after he jumped off the battleship Rengoku to rescue Kauro, after she (kidnapped by Sojrio Seta) was pushed off by Shishio into the ocean.

5. Sanosuke is supposed to destroy the Rengoku with the bombs supplied by his friend and Shishio, Yumi and Hoji escape and regroup in Mount Hiei where the final battle should take place. No such thing happens in the movie. Shishio and his Jupongatana successfully leave for Tokyo in the battleship.

*End of spoiler*


– We have a more brooding Kenshin here, who now has the tendency to hunch his back, tilt his head to one side and narrow his eyes when he throws his dagger looks to his opponent. There is a scene where he looks like a possessed angry animal with a stiff neck and walks like he’s suffering from cramps.  Attempts at “oro” and to make him comical fail.

– Sanosuke is still baka (stupid) and loud as ever. He is probably the only comic relief in this movie.

– Kaoru has expanded her menu of weapons. Aside from the usual bamboo sword (shinai) for kendo and wooden sword (bokken), she uses a jo (wooden staff) and a naginata (similar to a European glaive) during the Kyoto attack. She rarely smiles now.

– Smaller screen time for Megumi but the chemistry between Megumi and Sanosuke is more palpable compared with that of Kenshin and Kaoru. There is even more love (bromance!) between Sano and Kenshin (compared with the Kenshin-Kaoru pair) when the former hits the latter in the case and says he followed Kenshin to Kyoto to help him.

– I fear for Saito’s health. He always has a cigarette stuck between his lips, even when slashing his enemies. No facial expressions whatsoever still.

– I love Sojiro Seta. He delivers that happy smile when he kills, he speaks with other people, and with dealing with Shishio. He is like a misplaced child among the seasoned killers. But he is the best fighter among the Jupongatana and the fight scene between him and Kenshin is one of the highlights of this movie.

Which brings me now to…

The fight scenes: I will watch the movie over and over just for the fight scenes and wax lyrical about them.

Kenshin fighting with Shishio’s men after burning down a village is so much fun. Great choreography and fast sword play on the part of Takeru Satoh. No, the bad guys are not lining up to be beaten and do nothing while waiting to be beaten up. They attack Kenshin from all sides and Kenshin beating them all up from all directions was a sight to behold.

Kenshin’s fight with Sojiro after Shishio and Yumi took off involves lightning-fast swordplay and great choreography. If I remember it right, there is flying involved. Kenshin and Sojiro’s fighting stances are similar and it is exciting to see what comes after the stances. When you finally see Sojiro’s fighting technique on live action, your heart will stop.

The fight between Kenshin and Cho elicited “whoas” from the audience during the movie premiere at Megamall Wednesday night. In one scene where Kenshin catches the “true sword” thrown at him by Arai (the swordmaker’s son), the audience even clapped their hands in delight. Can’t describe it properly because I have to watch it again to appreciate its beauty.


Long speeches. They look and sound like orations instead of explanations made by several of the characters in the movie. The exchange between Kaoru and Kenshin before the latter leaves for Kyoto is too long. This same problem made the first movie’s ending look silly, with Kaoru running out of breath but still able to deliver her long monologue.

Too little chemistry between Takeru Satoh and Emi Takei makes the parting before Kenshin’s travel to Kyoto too long and the meaningful gaze between the two contrived. Or maybe it’s just me.

Despite these (because of the nitpicking on my part), this movie is still a must-see for “Rurouni Kenshin” fans out there. For the non-fans, the sword fights are enough reason to watch.


Working and staying in disaster zones is no piece of cake. You work long hours, face hunger, fatigue, mosquitoes, uncomfortable sleeping accommodations and on top of that you have to deal with inefficiencies and politics–conditions that could wear down ordinary people like me. (That’s why the aid agencies and volunteers–local or foreign–have my respect forever).

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Norwegian contingent was among the groups that responded to the calls for medical aid in the towns of Basey and Marabut, Samar two weeks after Typhoon ‘Yolanda’ (International Code Name: Haiyan) hit Central Philippines on November 8.

The ICRC took over the management of the badly damaged and crippled district hospital in Basey. These Norwegians also stationed themselves in Balangiga, which is already in Eastern Samar and is two towns away from Basey. They also have a half-way “tent city” somewhere in Marabut, the last town of Western Samar.

Team InterAksyon had a picnic in what seemed to be a beach resort that was completely destroyed by Yolanda and where the Norwegian ICRC set up camp.

DSCF1756They have a hi-tech porta-let (the zip-up tent-toilet), portable lavatory and a solar-shower, which i think collects water from the atmosphere to provide water for bathing, and another solar-powered thing that collects water for drinking.

The view and the location is perfect for our Scandinavian friends. It’s like living in a tropical paradise complete with coconut trees, warm sand, and beautiful sunsets everyday. If only the circumstances were different…

While we were having lunch, we got a chance to chat with two of the ICRC-Norway’s supervisors (and for the life of I cannot remember how to spell their names so I won’t attempt to write it here).

“Nice view you have here. I think this used to be a beach resort,” I said.

“Yes. We chose well so we can encourage our staff to stay longer,” he replied.

Marabut has had several beach resorts dotting its coastline, which are now wiped out by the typhoon. The town is also blessed with limestone/rock formations, reminiscent of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, which are still picturesque post-Yolanda.

Photo courtesy of Samartours.blogspot.com

Our Norwegian friend here told me that the owner of the beach resort offered them the place so they can have somewhere to unwind after work and where they can appreciate the beauty that has enticed local and foreign tourists alike to come to Marabut. Back in Basey, Olav Aasland, the Red Cross team leader in the town’s make-shift district hospital, told me they plan to stay for 4 months and hopefully by that time the Department of Health could already take over the healthcare needs of the Samarnons.

I think this resort…

Photo courtesy of Samartours.blogspot.com

…is now this:

And another aid agency is also camping out here.

So I hope our friends from ICRC and other agencies enjoy (albeit I know it’s rather difficult under the current circumstance) the raw beauty of Samar.

God really works in mysterious ways.

While we were on the road to Marabut town center–or what was left of it–we met the Alagang Kapatid Foundation caravan by chance along the national highway. We were taking photos on the road when I saw a TV5 crew cab slowly driving by and immediately flagged it down. I introduced myself as a reporter from InterAksyon.com and asked the passengers of the red pick-up truck if they were from News5 or Radyo5. It turns out they were the Alagang Kapatid unit based in Palo, Leyte and were about to distribute relief packs in some communities in Marabut. We were invited to tag along.


Alagang Kapatid turns over genset, distributes relief packs in Marabut in Samar

Likha Cuevas-Miel, InterAksyon.com

MARABUT, Samar – The Alagang Kapatid Foundation has turned over a generator set to the local government of Marabut, Samar and has distributed relief packs to the victims of Typhoon ‘Yolanda’.

Paul Segui of Alagang Kapatid told InterAksyon.com that the genset, which is now being used by the municipal town hall of Marabut, was donated by the National Press Club.

The Foundation has also allocated 1,100 units of relief goods for several coastal communities in Marabut, which is the last municipality before reaching Eastern Samar.


Senior citizens and pregnant women received mats and blankets in addition to emergency relief packs that also contained hygiene kits that include sachets of shampoo.

Segui said they are assisted by Alagang Kapatid volunteers from Palo, Leyte who are victims of ‘Yolanda’ themselves.

“They survived 15 to 20-foot waves that destroyed their town. They also lost loved ones. But here they are helping fellow victims,” Sequi said.

Alagang Kapatid has been stationed in Guiuan, Samar and Palo, Leyte even before ‘Yolanda’ hit Region 8 and continues to give emergency aid to those affected, he added.


Paul Segui said they responded to the call for aid when they read our stories about Marabut. I told Paul I was the one who wrote the stories about Basey and Marabut because no one was paying attention to this side of Region 8.

“So here I am, we finally get to meet!” I told Paul.

God bless to Alagang Kapatid and may they never tire of helping those who are in need.

Taking a breather from work. Between teaching journalism in UP Masscom, InterAksyon duties and family life, it’s a wonder how I could still manage to apply make-up.

Anyway, we had a birthday lunch on Monday (for Ma’am Chuchay, Jing and moi) at the TV5 Media Center at Reliance and most of us spent the afternoon working in the freezing operations center of the network.

The programmers and their anime

With his multiple screens

Ang napeplaigarize na The Testa

Why so serious, Gelo?

AR and Boojie


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[View the story “House of Representatives passes Sin Tax Reform Bill” on Storify]

So what is now the final House version of the proposed law?

–  Simplifies the basis of excise taxation for alcohol products, which is based on per proof liter for distilled spirits, per liter of volume capacity for wines and fermented liquors;

–  Simplifies the basis of excise taxation on tobacco products: cigars – per cigar; cigarettes packed by hand – per pack; and cigarettes packed by machine – per pack;

–  Provides an 8-percent increase in the excise tax rates every two years effective January 1, 2015 until January 1, 2025 for distilled spirits, wines, fermented liquors, tobacco products, cigars and cigarettes through revenue regulations issued by the Secretary of Finance;

–  Removes the price/brand classification freeze on alcohol and tobacco products;

–  Allocates the incremental revenues from the excise tax on tobacco products for the provinces producing burley and native tobacco, in accordance with the volume of tobacco leaf production, to promote economically viable alternative programs for tobacco farmers and workers;

–  Provides additional funding for the universal health care program of government.



Effective on January 1, 2013

P11.50 and below per pack – tax rate P12

P11.50 and above per pack – tax rate P28.30

Effective on January 1, 2014

P11.50 and below per pack – P22

P11.50 and above per pack – P30


DISTILLED SPIRITS (Whisky, Brandy, Rhum, Gin, Vodka)

Less than P90 net retail price (750 ml volume) – tax rate P20

Between P90 and P150 – tax rate P80

Above P150 – tax rate P320

WINES (Sparkling Wines and Champagne)

P500 and below net retail price – tax rate P250

P500 and above net retail price – tax rate P700


P50.60 and below net retail price – tax rate P13.75

P50.60 and above net retail price – tax rate P18.80

As BIR Commissioner Kim Henares said, the sin tax reform has a long way to go and the battle might be tougher at the Upper Chamber of Congress.

  1. likhanews5
    Atty Arnie Carino told @interaksyon Philip Morris says they are asking for tax rate on a par with that of alcohol. #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 05:59:54
  2. likhanews5
    Atty Carino told @interaksyon think the rate imposed on tobacco is too much vs alcohol has virtual tax holiday #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:03:38
  3. likhanews5
    Atty Carino told @interaksyon that alcohol products’ tax rate even went down from 20% to 18% with HB 5727 as amended #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:09:26
  4. likhanews5
    Isidro T. Ungab 3rd district, Davao City HB 5727 sponsor; Magtanggol T. Guinigundo 2nd district, Valenzuela City #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:26:01
  5. likhanews5
    Guinigundo asks questions on the alcohol aspect of the bill, the WTO-EU decision that PH must comply with #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:32:30
  6. likhanews5
    Ungab: WTO protested the discriminatory excise taxes; classification is based on raw materials #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:35:10
  7. likhanews5
    Ungab: Local alcohol is distilled using local materials, thus, lower excise taxes, this violates GATT #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:36:05
  8. likhanews5
    Ungab: Article 3 of GATT, requires products to be treated the same as imported products @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:37:34
  9. likhanews5
    Guinigundo: does the WTO prescribe a unitary tax rate? Ungab: No #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:43:24
  10. likhanews5
    Guinigundo: Aarticle 13 of GATT provided some leeway in protecting the 3rd countries’ industries @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:44:32
  11. likhanews5
    Ungab: Article 13 of GATT was not invoked by PH @interaksyon #interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:45:25
  12. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: The reason why PH govt did not invoke? Is it the March 2013 deadline WTO’s decision? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:51:14
  13. likhanews5
    Ungab: It is a mutual agreement among the parties involved. Other countries were given 15 months to comply #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:54:03
  14. likhanews5
    G: WTO decision rendered decision saying recomended tax structure that the PH should follow? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:54:28
  15. likhanews5
    Ungab: There is no specific WTO recommendation as to the tax structure #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:56:45
  16. likhanews5
    G: What was the reason stated by WTO why PH makes raw materials as basis for taxing alcoholic products #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:57:44
  17. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: WTO contends ingredients do not really matter as long as alcohol is produced #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:58:24
  18. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: What is the basis for determining the price level in the tiers? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:59:29
  19. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Is there a DoF study determining the price threshold? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 06:59:52
  20. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: I would like to believe the BIR made a price survey. When was the last price survey that BIR made? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:00:33
  21. likhanews5
    Ungab: 2010 was the last BIR price survey @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:01:13
  22. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Do you think that you need to have a more recent survey to have more convincing powers? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:02:55
  23. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Is it safe to say there is no recent survey as basis? We do not want to be shooting darts. @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:03:21
  24. likhanews5
    Ungab: the P90-bracket was based on the consultations with stakeholders #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:05:44
  25. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Who are these stakeholders? Ungab: Industry players #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:08:59
  26. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Can you name these the stakeholders that DoF consulted? Ungab: The Distillers Assoc. of the Phils. #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:09:43
  27. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Baka naman may pinapaboran tayong kumpanya ng alcohol sa P90 na yan. @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:03:50
  28. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Did they come up with these price levels? Consultations couldnt be substituted with BIR price surveys #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:10:53
  29. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: HB 5727 adjusts rates every 2 years for inflation. What about the tiers? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:13:35
  30. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Why don’t we include the tiers? In a matter of years there would be no bracket because of inflation. #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:14:11
  31. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: We would end up with a situation that all products would be moving up the next bracket #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:14:40
  32. likhanews5
    Ungab: assumption is based on the inflation of 4% yearly; We are not amenable to price classification freeze @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:15:40
  33. likhanews5
    Ungab: If we do, in the long run would have the same effect as what happened for so many years #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:18:40
  34. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: If we hike tax on alcohol because of health reasons, then we must tax hamburgers, lechon, chicharon #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:20:26
  35. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: why is DoF allergic to indexation of alcohol products? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 07:22:02
  36. likhanews5
    Ungab: Alcohol and tobacco are harmful to health; some vehicular accidents are caused by drunk-driving #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:57:56
  37. likhanews5
    Ungab: Alcohol and tobacco cannot be compared with food (i.e. chicharon, lechon) @interaksyon #sintaxreform
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:58:36
  38. likhanews5
    Ungab: that’s why it’s called sin taxes, we need to regulate, curb the habit of drinking and smoking #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:59:13
  39. likhanews5
    Ungab: that’s why we have to make it less affordable to the young and the poor #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:59:40
  40. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Kumain ka ng chicharon araw-araw di ba mamatay ka rin ng maaga? *Session hall bursts into applause* #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:00:57
  41. likhanews5
    Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco workers & farmers in white in the gallery #sintaxreform @interaksyon http://lockerz.com/s/214391421
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:04:06
  42. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Why are we imposing tax on raw materials? Why do we have different bases in imposing excise tax? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:06:25
  43. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Aren’t excise tax imposed based on finished products? why are we taxing based on raw materials? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:07:15
  44. likhanews5
    Ungab: Ethyl alcohol is already a finished product, distilled into brandy #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:08:39
  45. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: why are discriminating against small breweries and SMEs? #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:09:18
  46. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: Maybe we are arbitrarily taxing small, micro-breweries; your tax rate is very high #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:09:47
  47. likhanews5
    RT @meralco: Scheduled Power Interruption affecting portions of Sta. Cruz, Manila & Quezon CityA 30-minute … http://m.tmi.me/r6ikS

    Mon, Jun 04 2012 10:49:01
  48. likhanews5
    Gunigundo: When you are a small distiller/brewery, the 18%-20% tax is very high @sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:10:27
  49. likhanews5
    Ungab: the microbreweries are in pubs that are patronized by connoiseurs, catering to the rich people #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:11:55
  50. likhanews5
    Ungab: based on present system under the 1997 rates, these microbreweries are charged the highest tax rates #sintaxreform @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:12:43
  51. likhanews5
    Gunigundo wraps up questioning. Session for HB 5727 or #sintaxreform suspended. @interaksyon
    Mon, Jun 04 2012 11:13:42
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    @likhanews5, @bernard_tv5, Arnold Tenorio at SMX, attending event that’s part of #adbmeet2012
    Fri, May 04 2012 07:45:08
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    Host country reception for #adbmeet2012 delegates at SMX Convention Center http://lockerz.com/s/206344434
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:17:04
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    Heads of delegation being invited to the right of the stage on second floor of the SMX convention center at #adbmeet2012.
    Fri, May 04 2012 07:49:49
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    Lechon at SMX convention center as part of #adbmeet2012. http://mypict.me/mXfol
    Fri, May 04 2012 07:58:00
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    Dessert at the SMX convention center that’s part of the #adbmeet2012. http://mypict.me/mXfsv
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:03:41
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    Friday’s #adbmeet2012 dinner at SMX convention center took a week to prepare for, chef tells @interaksyon.
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:12:55
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    More than 4000 guests were expected for Friday’s #adbmeet2012 dinner at SMX convention center, chef tells @interaksyon.
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:18:31
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    Cultural presentation during the Host country reception for #adbmeet2012 delegates @interaksyon http://lockerz.com/s/206344898
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:19:34
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    Ten hot items and 10 cold items are currently being served at the Friday night #adbmeet2012 in the SMX convention center, chef says.
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:26:50
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    #nowlistening to Manila, Manila at Friday’s #adbmeet2012 at the SMX convention center. “I’ll be coming back to Manila.”
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:28:29
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    RT @likhanews5: The theme for the Host country reception for #adbmeet2012 delegates is Philippines, Land of Gold @interaksyon
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:31:07
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    Of the ten desserts served during Friday’s #adbmeet2012 at the SMX convention center, seven are native concoctions, chef tells @interaksyon.
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:29:42
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    The Company singing “Manila” for the #adbmeet2012 delegates @interaksyon
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:30:33
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    Hotel Sofitel chosen to serve Friday breakfast, dinner at #adbmeet2012 at the SMX convention center, chef tells @interaksyon.
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:33:37
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    Hotel Sofitel chosen to serve Friday breakfast at PICC, dinner at #adbmeet2012 at the SMX convention center, chef tells @interaksyon.
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:37:13
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    Bituin Escalante joins The Company in singing “Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika” in #adbmeet2012 Host Country reception @interaksyon
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:39:06
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    An estimated 200 cases of beer were bought for Friday night’s #adbmeet2012 at the SMX convention center.
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:40:37
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    Musicians during the cultural presentation for the #adbmeet2012 delegates @interaksyon http://lockerz.com/s/206349205
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:41:14
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    #adbmeet2012 guests, participants enjoying themselves at Friday night #adbmeet2012 at SMX convention center http://mypict.me/mXfUK
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:45:13
  20. Share
    @bernard_tv5 asks participant of #adbmeet2012: how do you rate the food here at SMX convention center on scale of 1 to 10? Participant: 5.
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:47:02
  21. Share
    Waiting for Leah Salonga ☺ at the Host country reception for #adbmeet2012 @interaksyon
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:55:42
  22. Share
    Some 20 pieces of lechon were prepared, ordered just for Friday night #adbmeet2012 dinner at the SMX. http://mypict.me/mXg42
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:59:07
  23. Share

    Dancers wore gold bands & belts, the theme for the #adbmeet2012 Host country reception @interaksyon http://lockerz.com/s/206353006
    Fri, May 04 2012 08:59:53
  24. Share

    Dancing birds! Host country reception for #adbmeet2012 delegates @interaksyon http://lockerz.com/s/206353160
    Fri, May 04 2012 09:00:44
  25. Share

    Filipina models gracing the stage at the #adbmeet2012 Host country reception @interaksyon http://lockerz.com/s/206353412
    Fri, May 04 2012 09:02:06
  26. Share
    Leo Valdes is also one of the performers at the #adbmeet2012 Host country reception @interaksyon
    Fri, May 04 2012 09:06:39
  27. Share
    No Lea Salonga at #adbmeet2012 Host Country reception ☹ @interaksyon
    Fri, May 04 2012 09:11:09

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